Scuba Diving Equipment

In an extreme sport such as Scuba Diving, the specialized equipment used is so much more than just equipment. A faulty or ill-fitting piece of gear could ruin the entire dive, or worse.
Imagine. Your rental mask starts leaking five minutes into the first dive of a holiday you have been planning for a year. After 15 minutes, seems like all you are doing is clearing your mask. And then, the diving mask from hell starts to fog up as well! Suddenly your dive guide excitedly points out something, but all you can make out are dark shapes against a flooding foggy blue.

Back on the boat, after the 'floody' dive, everybody is discussing those ghostly shapes you could barely recognize, which turn out to be 3 beautiful eagle rays, flying in perfect formation…
There is nothing like having your own scuba gear, that you know fits and works well.
An entire dive kit may be considered bulky to lug half way round the world, but it is so worth its weight. We believe that every diver should have their own mask, fins and scuba suit/rash guard at the very least. The more Dive Equipment you own, the more often you tend to dive; and the more you dive... well, practice makes perfect.
With scuba equipment, there are established brands that are popular and there are relatively new brands that are just as good. But since diving equipment is a niche market, the latter take a while to gain popularity.

We have been using a few brands of dive equipment for the last ten years, and believe me when I say, they have been tried and tested vigorously from open water scuba diving courses to seriously intense exploratory dives.

  • Any piece of equipment you buy from India Scuba Explorers
  • We have tested the same model in EXTREME DIVING CONDITIONS
  • We assure you that we offer you THE BEST DEAL anywhere, in India.
  • We offer SERVICING/PARTS for any equipment you invest in.
  • If you visit our dive centre you may TRY BEFORE YOU BUY any equipment.
  • All equipment comes with a MANUFACTURERS WARRANTY for 12 months.

We offer our own GUARANTEE for 12 months from date of purchase. That means we will service/ fix any issue , you cover the courier charges to and fro, and we will cover the rest.


A Mask that fits well is so important , and we think it has to look good too.


Frameless India Scuba Explorers
Rs 2886*

Frameless mask made from hypoallergenic liquid silicone

  • Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the skirt.
  • Fits a wide range of facial profiles with comfort.


India Scuba Explorers Equipments
Rs 3847*
  • Extremely low volume design.
  • Swivel and easy-adjust buckles.
  • Ideal for photographers.
  • The highest grade silicone available for a soft comfortable seal.
  • Easy adjusting mask buckles attached to the skirt.
  • Tempered glass for safety and durability.
  • Fits a wide range of facial profiles with comfort.
  • Matte finished mask skirt prevents from reflecting of sunlight.


Scuba Diving Equipments
Rs 6500*
  • Water sport shirt in 1.5mm SUPER-STRETCH neoprene with smooth skin inside. keeps your core warm so that you don't really need a wetsuit in tropical water.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Scuba Diving Equipments
Fin 2 Scuba Diving Equipments
Fin 3 Scuba Diving Equipments
Rs 11500*

The design of the aquabionic fin uses bionic principles as an approach to innovation, referencing strategies found in various marine mammals to generate the most comfortable and powerful fin ever developed. The result is the world’s first water adapting responsive propulsion system for fins, patented as warp technology.

Amplifying a diver’s kick impulse, the forced adaptive dynamic cupping and spreading of the blade actuators and central membrane dynamically modulates the surface area of the fin, capturing and accelerating more undisturbed water for the most efficient propulsion. warp technology allows the fin to be precise and maneuverable at low thrusts and powerful and responsive when more propulsion is needed.

The design features low profile side rails, eliminating side spill by aligning water flow into a mono-directional thrust. This makes the aquabionic1 not only an excellent fin for straight-line flutter kicks, but also a top performer for frog, scull, and other technical kick styles.

The result is a fin that is comfortable enough to wear all day, efficient enough to propel a fully dressed diver with minimal demands on air and energy, yet instantly powerful enough to allow the diver to negotiate the toughest currents and conditions.

Bionics applied and as close to nature as it gets.

Colours: Yellow Red Black

*Prices are exclusive of 18% GST