About India Scuba Explorers

India Scuba Explorers was started by Johann and Samantha, a scuba centric couple.

Jo will dive in to any puddle and Sam has found dive sites solely on intuition. (Jo is convinced it’s witchcraft).

At the thought of exploring an untouched island in the emerald sea, they began their manic adventure of establishing Neil Island’s 1st PADI Dive Centre way back in 2007, when there were just 2 existing dive shops in the entire Andaman Archipelago and only 1 car on Neil Island. Ice cream was nowhere to be found, stable electricity was a myth and suspicious islanders were unaware of what scuba diving was.

The locals constantly cautioned Jo and Sam about disturbing the water spirits as they explored unchartered depths but that did not stop them. Besides, the water spirits were actually quite friendly!

A decade of discovering and exploring dive sites, and protecting the enchanted waters that surround magical Neil Island, has been a waking dream which has been shared with some very special people. (You know who you are!)

In a world where spirituality has become a commodity sold on street corners, this is as close as you can get to it – a dive centre that is a pioneer of diving in the Andaman Islands, where the philosophy is LIVE- BREATHE-DIVE.