Diving of India Scuba Explorers. Explore The Unknown With The Experts

We offer a highly personalized service, while making your safety and diving experience our priority. All dive sites are selected in accordance with the diver's experience and comfort level,to ensure good dives. All dives are conducted in accordance with PADI Safe Diving Practices.

The dive center is just a hop away from the jetty, which is where we launch the boat for our (2 tank) dive trips every day. Our diving is mainly done around Neil Island, but dive trips to the more frequented tourist island of Havelock, which is a boat ride away, can also be arranged.

The waters of Neil Island are virtually unexplored (the fishies have finally accepted us) and have been dived by only a handful of divers. The marine life has to be seen to be believed (and will give any Fish Identification book a run for its money). On the visual menu are Rays, Barracudas, Turtles, Bump Head Parrot Fish, Butterfly Fish, Sea snakes, Wrasses, Clown Fish, Moray Eels, Jacks, Box Fish, Puffer Fish, Angel Fish, Blennies, and everything in-between. The reef has not been damaged by El Nino, and has escaped coral bleaching (check out our Gallery while you are here!)

There is beautiful, healthy hard and soft coral in a spectacular array of colours. It is also one of the very few places in the world where corals and mangroves co-exist, adding to the unique bio-diversity of marine life.

The dive sites we have discovered so far have offered varied and exciting conditions, Here are a few of our favorite sites, which we'd love to share with you!

One of the first sites we found, this is a relaxed dive at 20m with little or no current, huge barrel sponges, large schools of reef fish, many spotted sting rays, octopus, schools of blue fin jacks, turtles and occasionally Tuna and Barracuda are often observed here. Peacock mantis shrimp, Squat shrimp and Nudibranchs make for some very interesting (read : crazy!) macro life. And we encountered Luna the Sea Cow for the first time, at this site.

On the eastern side of the island lying at 23m are these massive rock structures where Giant trevally, Potato groupers, sea snakes, massive feather tail rays, Sharks and other big boys of the sea, are all still very curious about divers, so be prepared for an encounter of the best kind. Currents here can be strong sometimes.

Usually our second dive, this site's maximum depth is 20m and comprises of rocky formations and sand patches and is full of surprises, from inquisitive Napoleon Wrasses, skittish sand rays, turtles, and schools of painted sweet lips, Moray eels and a wealth of reef life and macro critters. And schools of Fusiliers will swallow you in their whirlpools of blue and yellow.

A shallow dive site at 12m, on the west side of the islands reef, One Bottle has some amazing coral and the abundance and bio diversity of marine life is (literally!) breath taking. Apart from being an excellent site for macro life, eagle rays and mantas are occasionally seen flying by, as well as this, massive, unruly school of bump head parrot fish seen snacking on coral. A great dive, for beginners, and bubble junkies alike.

We found this site recently, and we're looking forward to diving here a lot more. The site has a peculiar rock topography and loads of marine life (some of which even we have not identified yet!). We are thrilled with finding this site and are very eager to share our discovery with you.

This site lies in a deep water channel between Neil and Havelock. Descending along the anchor line gets us to the site lying at a depth of 32m and some stunning soft coral. Large groupers, Giant Trevally, Tuna and schools of yellow back fusiliers, frequent this site, along with varied reef fish. The depth and usually strong current make this a challenging yet rewarding dive.


2 dives Rs. 5,000
6 dives Rs.13,500
8 dives Rs.17,500
10 dives Rs.21,500
12 dives Rs.25,500
For Night Diving     Rs.3300.
We also have snorkeling trips as well as fins and mask for rent, so that you can explore the fringing reef in shallow waters.

Snorkeling Trips         On request and availability.

Mask and fins hire      Rs.500.

There will be a service tax of 12.36% levied on all prices according to Government regulation.